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After over 10 years of understanding customer's needs and concerns, we have established our goal to "Maximized Customer Satisfaction" and continuously put our efforts on competitive pricing, good quality and on-time delivery. With a team of wood flooring specialist and dedicated technicians, we have been exporting to different markets around the world, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Our core competence is in material sourcing and manufacturing. With strong financial background, we can help our customers to source the most wanted materials at a competitive price.

We deliver VALUE to our customers and partners! We are building long term partnership with friends around the world!



                       Spotted Gum room scene
                       Collections: Queensland

Featured Product: Spotted Gum

One of the most popular Australia Species. Spotted gum is a hard, durable timber and highly resistant to decay. It can be dried satisfactorily and machines and finishes well. The heartwood colour varies between light brown and dark red-brown. The grain is moderately textured and variable and a wavy grain can produce an attractive fiddle back figure. 

Janka Rating: 11.0

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